Caitlin Moran On How To Be Famous

We are relaunching Lit Up with arguably the UK’s most formidable and funny feminist. I was lucky enough to visit Caitlin at her house in London to about her most recent book How to Be Famous. Listen to Caitlin Moran on iTunes pod here.

Here’s a little more about the book: Remember the mid-'90s obsession with the rising wave of Britpop, when all you wanted was an Oasis CD? When a Clinton was president, Mandela was freed, and the Berlin Wall came down—in other words, when the world felt hopeful? Nostalgic or not, Moran’s newest novel, the hilarious sequel to the soon-to-be adapted How to Build a Girl will transport you to grungy and gritty London during this time, as seen through the eyes of witty and willful Woverhampton-native Johanna Morrigan. Johanna, under her pen name Dolly Wilde, has transformed herself into a fearless music journalist whose unapologetic writing (and sex life) ends up catapulting her to fame in her own right with explosive consequences.

Angela Ledgerwood