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Listen to Roxane Gay HERE.

I’ve read Roxane Gay’s work ever since I discovered her writing in grad school in 2010. Whenever there’s a huge cultural moment–a political catastrophe, an attack on Feminism, or breaking Channing Tatum newsI’m eager to see what she has to say. Her view point helps broaden and illuminate my own. In other words, I’m grateful she exists and she’s brave enough to share her opinions (and her captivating fiction) in the face of cowardly haters. Her new book of short stories Difficult Women out by Grove Press is brutal, honest, and riveting. It makes us acknowledge the darkness in the world, while observing the resilience of women. It was a great honor to speak with Roxane this week and I hope you enjoy hearing her talk about her work, her life, and the current state of global affairs.

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Angela Ledgerwood